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Report on assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in reforming and developing policing in Tajikistan as well as strengthening the fight against THB/TIP


This report was prepared by the joint OSCE-MIA needs assessment mission that was aiming at evaluating the current organisational set-up of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan (MIA) and assess the specific areas where OSCE assistance has been requested by the host Government.


The OSCE foresees assistance to the Tajik Republic in undertaking a broad programme regarding legal, administrative, technical and operational reform in order to modernize and strengthen Law Enforcement capacity and institutions in Tajikistan. Any future assistance will be provided in close co-operation with other international donors and focused on the development of police training, structural reform, introduction of modern Community Policing methods, development of the forensic capacity, enhancing the combat against Trafficking in Human Beings and structural and operational improvement. To establish and support a thematic co-ordination group for all international missions and organisations supporting Tajikistan in the field of law enforcement, and to ensure the regular participation of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) representatives, would be important management elements in the programme.

All envisaged assistance will include a strong element of human rights and gender awareness mainstreamed into the activities. 

Close and detailed co-operation between the MIA and the OSCE needs to be established for efficient co-ordination of assistance to the Police Academy and the Police Training Centre.

The OSCE will not have the capacity or funding to meet all the needs identified during this assessment, and this is not the intention. However, the needs assessment report may provide the basis for a strategy and an implementation plan, which may be carried out by the MIA in co-operation with different donors from the international community.

Following projects are proposed:

  • Legal reform project
  • Development of human resource and management system in the MIA
  • Leadership training of senior managers of the MIA
  • Community Policing project
  • Forensic training and logistic support
  • Extensive training program regarding THB
  • Revision of the structure of the national Canine Service
  • Training of trainers for Canine Service
  • Supplementary assistance to the Police Academy and the Police Training Centre.

Logistic support should be provided when considered needed for a successful completion of the projects.

It is also proposed to:

In consultation with the MIA and the host government, include a component for Afghan counterparts in projects, particularly related to training in the MIA Academy or Training Centre.