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Report on Central Asia Regional online workshop on basic police training


This report, produced by the SPMU, contains summaries of the discussions, as well as executive summary and conclusions and recommendations.


The SPMU's initiative to organise the Central Asian online workshop has received full support of the participants, who also have requested to facilitate the further co-operation and exchange of expertise in the Central Asian region on police training and education in general, and on basic police training in particular. The workshop participants requested the SPMU to keep the POLIS online forum accessible and open for further permanent professional dialogue between Central Asian experts on police training.

The SPMU has been also encouraged to examine the possibility of creating a similar workshop designed specifically for Central Asian police education/training related discussions. 

The online workshop recommended that the managers of basic police training institutions in Central Asian countries analyse the structure and content of the current police training curricula in their countries with a view to take into consideration the latest international practices and developments in this field including the recommendations of the guidebook on “Good Practices in Basic Police Training – Curricula Aspects”. It may include the extension of the basic police training duration. It would allow the inclusion of new disciplines in the programmes and/or a qualitative improvement of the already existing ones.