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Report on the international conference "Joint approach to family violence: Legislation, indicators, enforcement" and related activities on prevention of domestic violence


This report encompasses the preconditions, implementation and results of the international conference on prevention of family violence in the Kyrgyz Republic, held in Bishkek on May 20-21, 2009.


The international conference addressed the three distinct aspects of family violence, that is legislation, statistics and indicators, and police work. While family violence includes all forms of violence against family members, for the purposes of this conference it mainly concentrated on violence against women and throughout the report term "domestic violence" is used. The timing of the conference was best as it concided with several developments happening in the Kyrgyz republic which is further elaborated in part Preconditions.

The conference was organised by the OSCE Center in Bishkek (Community Policing Project) in cooperation with Kyrgyz Government, Public Foundation "Center for Research of Democratic Processes" and Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.

Part Implementation of the Conference refers to rationale and goals of conducting this conference, and provides brief account of contributions and country presentations.

Section Results and the Next Steps outlines that the event was successful as it created a common platform for discussion of pertinent issues around prevention and combatting domestic violence.

Additionally, it drew attention of involved agencies and stakeholders to coordination of efforts and cooperation.  Program of the conference and pictures are available for view in the annexes.