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Report on the online workshop "Countering sexual exploitation of children on the internet"


This report, produced by the SPMU, provided the overview of the topics discussed at the online workshop, that took place on 13-24 October 2008 in POLIS, as well as recommendations by the participants.


The organising and hosting of the Workshop required extensive co-operation within the OSCE Secretariat. The event brought together virtually over 70 male and female experts with different backgrounds, 24 countries were represented as well as several organizations. The participants posted altogether 192 comments. For the keynote speaker presentations, six experts were brought to Vienna during August and September of 2008. All together, the presentations were viewed several hundreds of times.

The online workshop was organized in response to the Ministerial Decision No. 9/2007 and supplements the proceedings of the 20 – 21 September 2007 Experts Meeting on the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet and 2007 Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on combating the sexual exploitation of children.