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Report on OSCE Activities in the Fight Against Organised Crime in 2008


This report covers all organised crime-related activities of the OSCE in 2008 and provides an update on OSCE’s activities in support of the UNTOC as well as the current status of ratification of the UNTOC convention among the participating States.


Since the OSCE has no mandate, nor the operational capacities to actively fight organised crime, the added value which the organisation’s executive structures can bring to the fight against organised crime is based on supporting specialized organisations and assisting the participating States in enhancing their capacities to fight organised crime. The OSCE’s added-value takes the form of the sum total of OSCE networking, information sharing, capacity-building and promotion through its work and its unique membership. OSCE’s comprehensive approach to security further ensures that through its cross-dimensional activities all three dimensions of security are taken into consideration in the fight against organised crime.