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Report on OSCE Activities in the Fight Against Organized Crime in 2011


This report presents an overview of all organized crime-related activities of the OSCE in 2011 and provides an update on OSCE’s activities in support of the UNTOC as well as the current status of ratification of the UNTOC convention among the participating States


This is the third annual report which the Strategic Police Matters Unit within the OSCE Transnational Threats Department (TNTD/SPMU) has prepared on OSCE Activities in the Fight against Organized Crime. The report provides an overview of the Organization’s antiorganized crime efforts during 2011. The information contained herein is a compilation of submissions provided by the thematic units within the Secretariat, the OSCE field operations, and the ODIHR, also demonstrating the cross-dimensional approach in addressing organized crime.

The report includes information about OSCE’s assistance in addressing forms of organized crime, such as cybercrime, trafficking in human beings, migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, financial crimes and corruption, identity document fraud, as well as terrorism. While these areas may not be viewed by the general public as traditional organized crime activities they actually reflect new developments in the “threats cape” posed by 21st century transnational organized crime.

Appendix 1 to this report provides a summary of the various MC and PC Decisions and Action Plans on anti-organized crime activities, which provide the political basis and taskings for the Organization’s anti-organized crime activities.

The reports on organized crime activities have become important documents in terms of identifying the focus of field operations, institutions and thematic units in the Secretariat with regard to their anti-organized crime projects in a specific period of time, usually a year. Appendix 2 to this report provides a graphic overview of the different areas of capacity building in the fight against organized crime.

Further information on all the activities described in this report can be requested from the relevant focal points on organized crime listed in Appendix 3 to this report.