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Report of the regional workshop on international co-operation in criminal matters


This report, produced by the SPMU, contains a brief summary and conclusions and recommendations of the three modules of the workshop that took place on 20-22 July 2010 in Astana, Kazakhstan.


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the OSCE Strategic Police Matters Unit with the assistance of the OSCE Centre in Astana, hosted a three day workshop in Astana, Kazakhstan for legal experts in Central Asia. The event brought together over 50 practitioners from the five Central Asian States, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Experts from Australia, the European Union, USA, UK, the Russian Federation, and UNODC, among others, were also in attendance.

The objectives of the Regional Workshop were threefold: an assessment of needs and gaps through the analysis of concrete cases; the facilitation of operational contacts between practitioners in international cooperation in criminal matters, and considerations on the possibility of the setting up of an asset confiscation/recovery focal point network in line with UNODC conventions; the streamlining of OSCE/UNODC regional interventions relating to various forms of international cooperation in criminal matters (i.e. organised crime, anti-money laundering, and corruption), including the development of a programme outline to be included into the Regional Programme for Afghanistan and the Neighbouring countries.