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Report of the regional workshop on seizing and recovering the illegal proceeds of crime


This report, produced by the SPMU, contains a summary of the sessions, as well as the final agenda and list of participants of the Regional workshop that took place on 14-15 July 2009 in Almaty, Kazakhstan


The workshop brought together more than 25 high-level experts from the criminal justice sector for discussions on how Central Asian law enforcement agencies can improve their knowledge of and co-operation in seizing and recovering the illegal proceeds of organised crime.

Officials from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Russia took part in the workshop, as did experts from the World Bank, the Basel Institute on Governance and the Irish Garda Siochana. The event was organised by the OSCE Strategic Police Matters Unit, the Office of the Co-ordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities, the OSCE Centre in Astana, the World Bank, the UNODC and the Basel Institute on Governance.