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Security Features (of documents)


Material for 6-hour lesson, part of the Advanced Border Documents Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


Documents that are endangered for forgery contains different kinds of security features. These security features are manufactured and used to prove the originality of a document. It is important to implement such kind of security features (SF) as much as possible. SF should be easily identified without tools or special equipment on checkpoints.

Many kinds of modern technologies, materials and methods are used to protect modern documents against forgery. The combination and the number of SF are the fundamental basic to protect documents against forgery. This depends on the financial possibility of the issuing state. Modern documents with modern SF are more expensive, than those with less SF.

The goal of the lesson is to inform and train the participants about different kinds of security features.

At the end of the lesson the participants are informed about different kinds of security features and should be able to know and identify following:

  1. Manufactory of documents
  2. Watermarks
  3. Fibbers, Planchettes and Security Threads
  4. Various kinds of Security-Printings
  5. Additional techniques for securing pictures
  6. Hologram, Kinegram, OVI (optical various ink)
  7. Machine readable Lines
  8. Biometrics