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Session 1: Current situation and new trends in trafficking in synthetic drugs


Selected presentations from the OSCE-wide conference on Combating the Threat of Illicit Drugs and the Diversion of Chemical Precursors entitled “Evolving Threat of Synthetic Drugs: from Addiction to Rehabilitation and Reintegration”


Presentations include: 

  1. Current Situation and New Trends in Trafficking in Synthetic Drugs in Slovakia - Martin Jurkáček, Director, National Anti-Drug Unit, Branch Office West, Presidium of the Police Force, Slovakia
  2. Tools to Counter Trends in the Trafficking of Non-Medical Synthetic Opiods and Related NPS - Manager, OPIOIDS Project, Secretariat of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)
  3. Latest trends in synthetic drugs - Angela Me, Chief, Research and Trend Analysis Branch, UNODC