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Specialized training on interviewing skills in domestic violence cases


Materials from a 5-day course for police officers in investigative sections to improve interviewing skills on domestic violence cases, organised by the Mission in Kosovo


Topics from the training include:

  1. Dynamics of Domestic Violence and Police Perception

  2. Legal Aspects of Domestic Violence/Human Rights Provisions

  3. Characteristics of a Victim of Domestic Violence and Early Indicators

  4. Interviewing:

    1. Victim’s Fears, Embarrassment and Confusion

    2. Understanding Victim Reluctance to Cooperate

    3. Child Victims of Domestic Violence or Abuse

    4. Basic Interviewing Techniques in Domestic Violence Cases

    5. Handling a Domestic Violence Call

    6. Exercise on Interview Victims of Domestic Violence

    7. Communication Techniques on Police Interview within Psychological Aspects   

    8. Additional Interviewing Strategies

    9. Maintaining Personal Health and Well-Being