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Sub-regional training on the role of ICTs in the context of regional and international security


The OSCE Transnational Threats Department, in co-operation with the Greek Government, will organize a sub-regional training for the promotion of practical measures for reducing international tensions in the wake of major cyber-attacks, in particular, OSCE cyber/ICT Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs).


Most States rely on ICTs to drive economic and social growth and to enable most critical systems. However, ICTs have also created vulnerabilities and complexity in international relations, fostering doubt, speculation, ambiguity, and tensions as States grapple with questions of intent, attribution, rules and norms.

In order to help relevant stakeholders (such as policymakers and technical experts) dealing with cyber/ICT security address these rising challenges, the OSCE has been organizing a series of sub-regional training activities in Central Asia, South East Europe and for OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation.

The training on 7 – 8  February in Athens will primarily focus on introducing practical measures to reduce the risks of conflict stemming from the use of ICTs by States following high threshold cyber-attacks, in particular, OSCE cyber/ICT CBMs. Further, it will explore themes of national, regional and international cyber/ICT security mechanisms and developments, facilitate information exchanges between OSCE participating States and Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation and stage a practical scenario-based discussion related to a fictitious ICT incident.