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Sub-regional Training on the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the context of regional and international security


This Training will primarily focus on practical measures to reduce the risks of conflict stemming from the use of ICTs by States following high threshold cyber-attacks, for instance against critical infrastructure.


The following themes will be covered: 

  • International and regional cyber/ICT security: background and context;
  • Cyber/ICT security and international law; 
  • Norms of responsible state behavior in cyberspace; 
  • Confidence-building measures to reduce the risks of conflict stemming from the use of ICTs and other regional mechanisms; 
  • Sub-regional developments and best practices related to cyber/ICT security;
  • Effective national cyber/ICT security co-ordination mechanisms and private-public partnerships to prevent, respond, contain and recover from high impact cyber/ICT security incidents; 
  • A facilitated scenario based discussion related to a fictitious crisis following an ICT incident affecting several OSCE participating State

As cyber/ICT security is a complex, multi-faceted issue, relevant participants in the training could be senior policy/decision makers, parliamentarians, security officials dealing with cyber/ICT issues, members of the technical community (CERTs/CIRTs) and non-governmental stakeholders/private sector representatives.