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Trainer Skills Course for Anti-Trafficking Trainers


A 12-lesson course developed by the Police Development Unit of the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje


List of subjects:

Lesson 1: Course Introduction and the Principles of Practical Training
Lesson 2: Feedback and Debriefing
Lesson 3: Role and Responsibilities of the Trainer, Motivation and Training Styles
Lesson 4: Domains of Adult Learning and Learning Styles
Lesson 5: Communication, Listening and Questioning Skills
Lesson 6: Group Dynamics and Classroom Management
Lesson 7: Student Centred Learning, Training and Presentation Methods
Lesson 8: Training and Presentation Methods
Lesson 9: Facilitation
Lesson 10: Practical Exercises and Role Plays
Lesson 11: Developing Practical Training
Lesson 12: Ten Minute Presentation