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Training course for Kyrgyz officials on Countering Financing of Terrorism - Foundation and Analysis


This training course, organized by the Transnational Threat Department's Action against Terrorism Unit and United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime, as part of the extra-budgetary project "Train-the-trainer and Training Courses on Countering Terrorist Financing" (CFT), which aims to support the recipient countries/beneficiary entities in improving their domestic CFT framework and enhance the national/local capacities to prevent terrorists from raising, using and transmitting funds for terrorist activities, in compliance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions, FATF standards and OSCE commitments.

Countering financing of terrorism
Central Asia
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit, United Nations / UNODC
Law enforcement officers, Government officials
terrorism, training, money laundering


Background information

OSCE-UNODC Exercise-Based Training programme on Countering Terrorist Financing

The response measures jointly developed by the OSCE in support of the national efforts of the Central Asian countries to combat terrorist financing include multi-year train-the-trainer and training courses on improving analysis and investigation skills and techniques, the financial disruption of terrorist networks and using sanctions for terrorists, pursuant to relevant UN sanctions regimes. The multi-annual exercise-based training program has been developed in co-operation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime/Global Programme against Money Laundering.  The aim of the capacity building programme which forms part of a broad OSCE Repository Programme for Central Asia is to assist requesting Central Asian countries to improve the implementation of the international standards in the field of CFT, including UNSC Resolutions, UN CTED Recommendations and FATF standards, in co-operation with the Eurasian Group.  

Having only started in 2017, it already includes three CA countries (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan), offering tailor-made courses which are first taught in train-the-trainer settings to then be implemented more broadly through exercise-based training courses among relevant government agencies.



Date of creation
03 Jul 2018
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit