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Training course on "Terrorism abusing religion"


This 5-day course was developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo with the aim to enhance capacities of law enforcement agencies in tackling terrorism abusing religion


The course includes training in the areas of “Kosovo Strategy and Action Plan against terrorism, Salafism and Wahhabism, Categorization of Religious Groups, Religions in Kosovo, Some Terrorist Organizations within this category (TAR) , Radicalization Process, Characteristics of Terrorists, Financing Terrorism, Media and Terror, Community Policing in Countering Terrorism” and as well some case studies.

This training is an introduction to the issue of “Terrorism Abusing Religion" (radicalism / extremism) and a follow up training at advanced level is needed. Participants in this training were from Kosovo Police (KP) Directorate for Counter Terrorism and Directorate for Intelligence and Analysis.

The training was conducted by the Department for Security and Public Safety (DSPS) staff, as well as Head of Department of History/Philological Faculty at the University of Prishtinë/Priština and other experts from Kosovo Police Counter-terrorism Directorate