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Training course for trainers (ToT) on hate crimes to law enforcement authorities


This curriculum is a training manual that provides a description of the step-by-step on how to conduct a one-day workshop for police officers on the subject of research and response to hate crimes. The general curriculum is adapted for use in the country where the training takes place.


The Training Manual focuses on the development of knowledge and skills to improve police response to hate crimes. The overall objective of the program is to equip trainers with the necessary tools to conduct training for the police and how to respond to hate crimes. The training is intended for students, both in practical and professional way.

The manual is designed to follow longer training program trainers. After attending the program and study this manual, trainers, who preferably work in teams of two people, will be able to carry out training that allows officers to:

  • Recognize and understand the dynamics of hate crimes and the impact that hate crimes have on victims;
  • To know and be able to apply the relevant legislation;
  • Acquire and implement in practice the skills to respond to and investigate hate crimes;
  • Raise awareness of their obligations to protect all citizens.

Target audience

The main beneficiaries of this guide are:

  • Trainers and coaches in national and regional institutions for the training of police;
  • Those responsible for the education and training of law enforcement officers across the entire spectrum of police training (National Representatives of law enforcement officials under the command level, middle management, senior state officials for law enforcement);
  • External coaches involved in police training on how to respond to hate crimes;
  • Coaches and curriculum writers who are involved in human rights training.