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Training on human rights in counter-terrorism investigations


The Human Rights in Counter-Terrorism Investigations Training Module is a specialized and practically oriented training programme for law-enforcement officers jointly developed by Human Rights and Anti-Terrorism Programme (HRAT) and Transnational Threats Department/Strategic Policing Matters Unit (TNTD/SPMU) on the basis of OSCE-ODIHR Human Rights in Counter-Terrorism Investigations manual. Please note that this training is for law enforcement professionals only. Please write to us at the email address here:



The training module follows the sequence of a real-life counter-terrorism investigation. Focusing on human rights issues which may arise in relation to counter-terrorism investigative steps, it provides technical guidance on how human rights can help officers in being more effective and how measures which are not complying with human rights standards are counterproductive. Throughout its various sessions the module addresses, from a human rights perspective, several issues as linked to the implementation of counter-terrorism investigations. Topics being addressed include challenges and pressures faced by the officers, stress and its consequences, implicit biases, discrimination and moral injury.


The topics covered by a training course include: human right standards and their relevance in counter-terrorism investigations; designing counter-terrorism investigations based on PLAN; intelligence and information gathering and analysis; the use of Special investigation Techniques (SiTs); dealing with witness and victims in terrorism cases; crime scenes, seizure and retention of evidence; arrest, detention and the questioning of terrorist suspects; security and integrity of investigations; accountability in counter-terrorism investigations.