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Unit B.1 Training needs analysis


Material for the lesson, part of the Curriculum Design Course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


Before participants embark on any new training enterprise they should consider whether there is a need for that training to take place. If the answer is yes, even an unqualified yes, then it may be necessary for you to carry out a training needs analysis to determine the type and level of training needed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the identified personnel.

Questions to be asked prior to conducting training needs analysis:

However, in order to reach a conclusion that there may be a need for a specific training programme, you must identify and answer these questions:

  1. Does current training support the organisations business plan
  2. Does the job environment and organisational practices reinforce training solutions?
  3. Are training practices effective and efficient?

If the answers to your questions are, NO, then there are a number of data collection methods which may be used to enable you to identify where shortcomings exist in the working practices of the organisation and of individual members within the organisation. It will enable you to identify the type and degree of training that is required and at what organisational level.

The Aim of this unit is to provide participants with an understanding of the component parts of training needs analysis and to assist them in the planning and implementation of training needs analysis.

At the end of this unit they will be able to:

  1. List and define the four terms associated with training needs assessment
  2. List the eight terms steps associated with needs assessment planning
  3. List the methods by which training needs analysis can be conducted
  4. Identify the method most suitable to collect data for a training need
  5. Produce a needs assessment plan
  6. Conduct a training needs survey