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Unit B.3 Assessing the work environment


Material for the lesson, part of the Curriculum Design Course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


This unit is to help participants to understand how to gather information about an organisation's resources, constraints and culture so that as a training designers they will be able to design a training programme that is appropriate to the needs of the organisational environment.

As a training designer they must understand how to conduct an analysis of the work environment in order to be able to make a systematic analysis of the developmental, training and workplace environment and thereby know what resources are available, what constraints they have to work under and the effects of the organisations culture will have on the development of training.

The Aim of this Unit is to assist participants in their understanding of an organisation’s resources, constraints and culture so that they may design training material appropriate to the organisations needs.

By the end of this Unit they will be able to:

  1. Explain the three factors that have to be taken into account when completing an analysis of the work environment and the key considerations for each of them.
  2. Given a hypothetical training-related performance problem, conduct an analysis of the work place that includes the developmental, training, and workplace environments.