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2008 Eurobarometer survery on safer internet: Towards a safer use of the internet for children in the EU – a parents’ perspective


For its 2008 Safer Internet Eurobarometer survey the Commission targeted parents of children between 6 and 17 years old from all 27 EU Member States. The main aim of the survey was to investigate parents'; perceptions and views on their children's use of Internet, as well as on the potential risks they may encounter online.


The results showed that 75% of children aged from 6 to 17 years already use the Internet – a trend which continues to grow. Half of the parents who did not use Internet themselves said that their child had online access. At least half of the parents stated that they talk to their children about their online activities. In addition, they took precautionary measures such as not allowing their children to disclose personal information online (92%) or to talk to people they do not know (83%).

59% of parents declared that they use filtering or monitoring software. Parents who do not use filtering tools say they trust their children (64%) or did not know how to access or use them (14%). The SIP Bench study on filtering tools recently published by the Commission shows that overall tools have improved over the last three years and have become easier to install.