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2013 Community Policing Handbook



Material by the Programme Office in Bishkek for a workshop on principles of social partnership and community policing tools for members of the Local Crime Prevention Centre in Osh.


Please note that all materials are in Russian.

At the heart of a democracy is the respect for the individual, and the protection of human rights is the main task of the state apparatus and its employees.

With this in mind, the community policing approach changes the traditional view of the status of law enforcement agencies and their employees. Thus, the Law "On Internal Affairs Bodies" of 11.01.1994 states that law enforcement employees are called upon to protect life, rights and the freedoms of citizens, property, interests of society and the state against criminal and other unlawful encroachments. Respect for human rights is enshrined in the law as a basic principle of law enforcement activities.


Section 1. Human rights and the role of law enforcement agencies in a democratic society

Section 2. Basic principles of social partnership of law-enforcement bodies

Section 3. Effective Communication Skills .

Section 4. Public Speaking Skills

Section 5. Building partnerships

Section 6. Effective organization of meetings

Section 7. Resolution of conflicts

Section 8. Prevention of offenses through the design of the environment

Section 9. Working with victims of wrongful acts

Section 10. Work with offenders in Society 

Section 11. Solving the problems of society 

Section 12. The Practice of the social partnership of the ATS in the Kyrgyz Republic

Section 13. Managerial aspects of the social partnership of the ATS