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Afghan National Drug Action Plan 2015-2019


This National Drug Action Plan outlines Afghanistan’s intention to pursue a balanced, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable approach to combating illegal drug production, trade, and usage.


This document addresses the need for a comprehensive, results-based National Drug Action Plan for Afghanistan from 2015 to 2019 . It is based on Article 7 of the Afghan Constitution, which states: ― The state prevents all types of terrorist activities, cultivation, and smuggling of narcotic drugs and production and consumption of intoxicants,‖ as well as on Articles 4, 8, and 65 of the Afghanistan Counter Narcotics and Intoxicants Law.

This plan, which integrates alternative development, eradication, interdiction, and drug treatment and prevention programs into a broad effort by the government of Afghanistan to further good governance, economic development, and security and stability, laysout three interrelated goals that the Afghan government will pursue in partnership with foreign and regional governments as well as with private and nonprofit organizations aiming to strengthen counter narcotics efforts in Afghanistan. Those goals are:

1. Decrease the cultivation of opium poppy;
2. Decrease the production and trafficking of opiates; and
3. Reduce the demand for illicit drugs in Afghanistan and increase the provision of treatment for users.