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The Community Policing Strategy of the Republic of Serbia


A strategic document, drafted with the support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia, that provides guidelines in the establishment and development of new forms of cooperation between the police and the citizens, community and the institutions aimed at improvement of personal and collective safety in the Republic of Serbia.


Police of the Republic of Serbia is obliged to conduct its work according to the relevant legislation and with the goal of enabling equal safety to all, with regards to their security rights and freedoms and support to the rule of law.

In its work the Police in the Republic of Serbia is oriented towards achieving the safety and security of citizens, society and the state, reaffirming the individual safety of citizens as the precondition for equal achievement of human and minority rights and quality of life of the society as a whole.

The distinctive features of each society, security and other circumstances (culture, tradition, religion, heritage) create different frameworks and demand the adjustment of the model of police work to the environment and the security needs.

The concept of community policing promotes the idea of greater participation of citizens and the community in the police decision making and performance as the modern approach to the safety of citizens, society and the country as a whole. Therefore, this Strategy reaffirms the new concept of the model of organization and functioning of the police in Serbia.