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Crime victims: International and Serbian perspective


This book describes common reactions and needs of victims, and points to the ways in which the society can improve its collective support to crime victims and provides a background discussion of the increased focus on victims’ needs that has occurred in recent years in many countries, especially in Sweden but also in Serbia.


During the Second Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia in November 2011 the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Law Enforcement Department presented publication “Crime victims: International and Serbian perspective”, developed jointly by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Swedish NGO “Safe Sweden” and the Serbian NGO Victimology Society of Serbia.

The publication presents comprehensive overview of the situation regarding victims of crime from Serbian and international perspective, shedding light on potential future steps in improving the system and assistance provided to the crime victims in Serbia.

The publication will be followed-up with workshops/training in 2012 aiming at assessing the ways of standardizing and increasing sensitivity of police officers when dealing with victims of crime and development of a comprehensive training programmes and enhancement of services and information provided to victims.