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Customs training course


Material for a five-day training course on customs developed by the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat


The topics over the five-day training included:

Day 1

  • Contemporary Border Challenges
  • Open and Secure Borders
  • Narcotics

Day 2

  • Stories from Across the Globe
  • Considerations Before Making an Examination of Vehicles at the Border
  • Personal Vehicles - Cars, Small Trucks, Motorcycles

Day 3

  • Commercial Vehicle Examinations
  • Passenger Buses/Coaches
  • Cargo Examinations
  • Radioactive Materials

Day 4

  • Officer Safety
  • Corruption
  • Stories from Across the Globe

Day 5

  • Risk Analysis
  •  "Think Like a Smuggler" Exercises
  • Post-event report