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Guide for the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism through Education


The guide was developed through the support of the Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is primarily intended for secondary school pedagogues and is in Bosnian.


The purpose of the guide is to encourage all participants in the educational process in the Una-Sana Canton to undertake activities that can contribute to the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism. The aim of the document is to offer basic information to professionals in educational institutions about a topic that has become relevant not only in the global but also in the local context, and for which there is no professional pedagogical literature. The guide should be seen as complementary and by no means the only material for work on topics that generally contribute to building a society that respects diversity and nurtures a spirit of tolerance, promotion of human rights and peace.

The guide contains definitions of concepts related to the topic of violent extremism and radicalization, excerpts from the BiH Strategy for the Prevention and Combat of Terrorism, an overview of risk factors and early signs of risky behavior, the role of various actors in the prevention and prevention of these negative phenomena, with a particular focus on schools as safe environments as well as teachers and the importance of their work with students.

The guide also provides a list of supplementary materials and is structured so that educators can use it to support teachers in developing skills such as critical thinking, multiperspectivity, moral courage and responsible behavior in using the internet.