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Lesson #11: Investigation of Arson


Material for a 3-hour lesson, part of the Advanced Criminal Investigation Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


As a crime, arson presents greater continued threat to human life than any other crime. Most murderers commit only one murder in their lifetime; an arsonist will continue to set fires, without consideration for human life, until caught. Only traffic related incidents are responsible for a greater number of deaths and property losses. Arson is estimated to cost billions of dollars annually in property losses.

The goal of this lesson is to provide participants with the responding of the and with fully investigation of such offence

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. List the five (5) things that you must find in order to begin your determination of whether the fire was accidental or incendiary
  2. Describe the procedure of how to deal with the firefighters at the scene of arson
  3. Explain the activities of the investigator at the scene of arson during approaching, exterior and interior view and become familiar with the language of fire
  4. Explain the procedure of collecting of evidences at the scene of arson
  5. Describe how to interview the witnesses at the scene of arson
  6. Explain the importance of interviewing firefighters at the scene of an arson
  7. Explain how to reconstruct the arson as an offense