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Macedonia Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment


This report is the first assessment of threats from serious and organized crime made in Macedonia, supported by the OSCE, the Government of Switzerland, DCAF and Europol.


The fight against serious and organised crime is a strategic priority of the Ministry of the Interior. All national law enforcement agencies made valuable contributions by providing intelligence, strategic analysis and operational reports, which was used together with publicly available information, to create a an overview of organised crime in the country.

The report was supported by the OSCE, the Government of Switzerland and DCAF under the project "Strengthening capacity for strategic analysis and of assessing the threats of serious and organised crime in the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro" and by experts from Europol.

The assessment will be an important step to increase cooperation between different agencies responsible for law enforcement and our national and international partners, and contribute to further development of common goals in the fight against organised and serious crime. The document could serve as a basis for taking decisions on combatting organised crime.