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Needs Assessment on Terrorism Issues, Tajikistan


The purpose of this document is to provide an assessment in respect of the perceived needs of the Republic of Tajikistan in its efforts to counter terrorism and to identify areas where support from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe may be deemed appropriate. The assessment seeks to identify activity complementary and additional to work already undertaken and ongoing by the OSCE in respect of Counter Terrorism.


The report has been compiled by Mr. Martin Andrew, a retired Detective Superintendent within a metropolitan police force in the United Kingdom. He had been contracted by the OSCE to undertake this assessment and did so by way of interviews conducted during November and December 2013 with representatives from the OSCE and law enforcement agencies as listed within Appendix B.

A total of eight agencies were requested to submit to interview. The interviews were conducted within the offices of the relevant agency concerned. The lead interviewer was Mr. Andrew supported by Mr. Ulf Billving, Police Adviser for OSCE Counter Terrorism & Police Unit. Ms. Xenia Beck, OSCE Secretariat, Vienna was due to attend some interviews however due to cancellation of her flight she was unable to accompany Mr. Andrew and Mr. Billving.

The questions put to the interviewees were designed to obtain a greater understanding of structures, systems and processes within RT in tackling terrorism. Questions also sought to establish areas where the interviewee believed that support could and should be provided by the OSCE to enhance capacity and capability in tackling Terrorism.

The findings in respect of each individual interview are contained within separate reports found at Appendix C. Findings are summarised within this assessment document leading to recommendations made by Mr. Andrew. It is emphasised at the commencement of this document and later within the recommendations, that this Needs Assessment has been undertaken at the behest and direction of the OSCE and not the Republic of Tajikistan.