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Police Strategy 2016-2020 and Action Plan 2016/2017


Police Strategy 2016-2020 and Action Plan 2016/2017 were adopted by the Government of Montenegro in December 2015


The development strategy of the police for 2016-2020 was completed in accordance with the interests of the citizens and their safety, also taking into account the need to improve the internal processes of the institution and efficient use of financial resources. In addition to the four key priorities of importance to citizens - personal safety and their property, the fight against crime, border security and security of persons and buildings, an important part of the Strategy is dedicated to the education and training of police officers, as well as their professional development.

These policy papers were sent by MoI to the European Commission for an additional expert opinion and comments prior to Government discussion and adoption in the fourth quarter of the year. Defining clear, strategic objectives will demonstrate a police commitment to adopting a firmer grip on international, national and local threats and demonstrate its firm commitments in adjusting to international policing standards and the best police practices.