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Recommendations for improving communication between police and media at the local level


These recommendations were produced by the Serbian Public Relations Agency P.R.A. based on the surveys it conducted after four workshops, organized by the Democratisation Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, for Ministry of Interior Chiefs and Spokespersons of the Regional Police Departments.


The programme was jointly designed, organised and implemented by P.R.A. Agency and the OSCE Mission to Serbia. P.R.A. Agency also conducted several surveys in order to contribute to the success of workshops.

The general impression of the organisers and P.R.A. Agency lecturers, prof. dr Predrag Vujovic and Vladan Alimpijevic, is that the workshops completely succeeded in achieving main goals: raising quality of cooperation between Police Spokespersons and Chiefs and media: editors and journalists; raising editors and journalists’ awareness and knowledge about all specifics of police reporting; raising awareness, enhancing knowledge and skills of Regional Police Departments’ Spokespersons and Chiefs about public relations, media relations, public speaking, presentations in front of cameras, as well as strategic communication with media and local community.

After completion of each workshop, P.R.A. Agency conducted an evaluation whereby the participants (Chiefs and Spokespersons for Regional Police Departments) evaluated quality of the programme, lecturers, interactive workshops, tranings and organisation of the programme in general.

All the recommendations in this document were drafted by the P.R.A. agency based on four training seminars, which took place in Ecka (30 June – 02 July 2010), Zlatibor (15 – 17 September), Nis (13 – 15 October) and Babe (2 – 4 November).