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Report of the 2010 OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting on further enhancing OSCE police-related activities


This report, produced by the SPMU, contains summaries of the sessions of the meeting, as well as participants' recommendations on lessons learned, international co-operation and fight against transnational threats.


The APEM 2010 provided a platform where experts from the participating States and international and regional organisations discussed the topic of further enhancing OSCE police-related activities, based on the findings of the above mentioned report.

More than 120 police experts from the participating States, Partners for Co-operation (including Afghanistan), as well as several international and regional partner organisations participated in the event, which was organised by the SPMU.

The discussions aimed at identifying ways, on the basis of the OSCE’s unique strengths, expertise and capabilities, to further enhance OSCE’s police-related activities in general, and in particular to:

  • contribute to an effective framework for co-operation with other international actors in the field of police assistance in order to address transnational threats in a co-ordinated and complementary way which avoids the duplication of efforts and contradictory approaches to police assistance;
  • promote police and law enforcement co-operation among participating States; and
  • further improve co-ordination among the OSCE executive structures.

Following the opening session, three working sessions focused on:

  • the Analysis of Lessons Learned and the OSCE’s Value Added in Police-Related Activities;
  • Enhancing Co-operation and Co-ordination with International and Regional Organisations; and
  • the Role of Policing in Addressing Transnational Threats.

In the closing session, a number of final conclusions, prepared by the Senior Police Adviser to the OSCE Secretary General were discussed by the participants.

The conclusions will be discussed further at the Security Committee of the Permanent Council as well as at the Annual Security Review Conference on June 2010.