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Report on the Chairmanship conference on combating the threat of illicit drugs and strengthening control of precursor chemicals


This report, produced by the SPMU, contains a summary of the sessions, main findings and recommendations, as well as the final annotated agenda and list of participants of the conference that took place on 8-9 July 2010 in Vienna, Austria


The conference aimed at enhancing the OSCE role and its assistance to participating States in combating illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances as one of the most profitable and dangerous forms of trans-national organised crime. The conference also promoted law-enforcement and cross-border contacts and analyzed the possibilities of fostering international and regional counter narcotics co-operation. 120 participants from 53 OSCE participating States (pS) and Partners for Co-operation as well as 8 international organisations took part in the Conference.

Participants contributed and shared their best practices, concerns as well as possible solutions on matters related to combating the threat of illicit drugs and measures to prevent diversion of chemical precursor for illegal trade. The conference promoted an effective networking among law enforcement agencies in pS and international organisations such as UNODC, INCB, Paris Pact, Europol, EMCDDA, SECI, CIS, SCO, CSTO, CICA, CARICC and other relevant organisations.