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Serbia Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment


This report is the first assessment of threats from serious and organised crime made in Macedonia, supported by the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Government of Switzerland, DCAF and Europol.


This assessment reflects both the fulfilment of one of the obligations within the EU accession process defined through the European Commission's recommendations and the need to adopt a strategic approach in the fight against serious and organised crime. At the same time, it serves as a guide for the development of full capacities for tackling the main security risks and threats at the national level. As the context of serious and organised crime imposes the need for change, global partnership and solidarity, the assessment encourages further action both nationally and internationally.

The report was supported by the Swiss Government, DCAF and the OSCE Mission to Serbia, as part of the regional project "Enhancing Capacities for Strategic Analysis and Strategic Assessments in the Criminal Investigation Directorates of the Serbian, Montenegrin and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Ministries of Interior," Europol experts, government authorities and institutions, academia, civil society organisations and companies.