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Summary of the survey of the co-operation between the police and community entities on matters of domestic violence


The survey was conducted with a view to assess the current situation in combating domestic violence in the context of capacity building of the Police in the pilot communities of City of Vanadzor in the Lori Marz of the Republic of Armenia, and Kanaker-Zeytun, Avan, and Nor-Nork Communities in the City of Yerevan. The attached document contains the survey report in Armenian and the summary of the report in English.


The Survey was conducted under the “Developing a Partnership Model of Police in the Area of Domestic Violence” project, which is implemented by the Social Justice NGO with support from the OSCE Office in Yerevan, in April-May 2014 in the communities included in the project, namely the Avan, Nor-Nork, and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative districts of the City of Yerevan, and the City of Vanadzor.

The project goal is, by introducing a partnership model in the communities, to develop the capacity of the Police Department for Protection of the Rights of Minors and Prevention of Domestic Violence and of the Juvenile Case Units, and to facilitate a reduction in the incidence of domestic violence.
The project objectives are:

  • To raise the community’s awareness on the renaming of the Police Department for Protection of the Rights of Minors and Prevention of Domestic Violence, as well as the philosophy and functions of the subdivisions; and
  • To develop the cooperation between the Police and governmental and non-governmental entities in the community.

The survey findings support the conclusion that there is no partnership mechanism for cooperation between entities dealing with the issue of domestic violence, but representatives of all the entities have an understanding of its importance and necessity. In addition to analyzing the situation, representatives of the entities reviewed under the survey presented their vision for improving cooperation in this field. The recommendations received mostly concern the need for adopting a legal act addressing these key issues and developing appropriate practices on its basis, which will streamline the activities and the scope of the cooperation.

As a result, the project is expected to develop and to present to the Police of the Republic of Armenia a community partnership mechanism for responding to domestic violence.