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  • Police education and training systems in the OSCE region

    This research was conducted in order to sustain the police training support aimed at adherence by the police to the rule of law and community safety, to improve the functioning of the police education and training system, and to address the challenges of the police education and training system remodelling as an essential part of the police reform by identifying the most promising national solutions of advanced education/training standards. It is recommended for a broad range of Ukrainian professionals dealing with police education and training (including basic and continuing training).

  • Report on the OSCE follow-up survey on Acting Arabkir Local Police Unit

    The purpose of the second, or follow-up, public opinion survey is to evaluate and measure the performance of the Arabkir Community Police Unit, and, where possible, to compare the current public opinion towards the police with the results of the previous public opinion survey.

  • Report on OSCE baseline public opinion poll on the performance of the Arabkir Police Department’s local Police Unit

    This report, produced by the OSCE Office in Yerevan, on the results of the opinion poll provides a baseline measurement prior to expansion of the territory of the Community Policing Unit in Arabkir District of Yerevan city.

  • Collection of policy papers on police reform in Serbia, Number 9

    This collection contains three policy studies on police reform issues: on psychological support to police officers, human rights in police education and organized crime, produced by Belgrade-based civil society researchers, supported by the OSCE Mission in Serbia